Doctor’s offices are usually filled with motivational posters, such as “solve weight problems – save your health!” or something similar, but many tips on man’s health are universal, over-simplified and often – ineffective. There are many reasons why this is so, but people who are obese or overweight do not have time to read millions of articles on how to lose weight over a course of ten years or a lifetime – they want results as soon as possible. It is very easy to understand this desire, but a quick fix is also sometimes a wrong option. Therefore, it is important that you find a plan that suits your needs and has a proven success rate, and also that you set yourself realistic goals and milestones.


American society is experiencing an epidemic of obesity and health conditions that are directly caused by being overweight, but millions of people are completely ignoring the warnings, and they continue with their unhealthy lifestyles without even thinking about the consequences. And there are consequences, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke, certain types of cancer, sleep apnea, kidney disease, etc. It is no wonder that those posters of Yoda in your doctor’s office say that by fixing weight problems – save your health you will!

addison_fields-300x201A lot of tips on man’s health concentrate on diet, and this is probably a good method, but a complete set of changes to your lifestyle will give the best results. However, this demands a lot of dedication, patience, and sometimes even a bit of experimenting. If you are committed to your goal, and stick to the plan – the results will be visible in the end, no doubt about that, but you just need to remain motivated and willing to do everything it takes to be healthy and vital again.

One of the most useful tips and the one that any article that gives tips on men’s health will give you is to get moving! Physical activity is a number one priority when you want to be healthy again, and there is no better way to losing weight than to start exercising on a regular basis. People who perform even the most basic of exercises, such as walking around the park or riding a bicycle will experience a strong boost of energy and their metabolism rate will increase, which will burn fat and make you fitter.

Lifting weights and going to the gym are always a good option, but these may even be too professional and too “time-consuming” for some people.

When it comes to diet, there are numerous ways in which you can make your meals healthier and lose the extra weight. For example, you should eat a lot of fish, eggs, vegetables, fruit, etc. while you should minimize the intake of salt, sugar or starches (carbs). Having well-balanced meals is a bullet-proof way to success, and, very soon you will notice a decrease in your body mass index (BMI) and your waist circumference.

Author: Craig Mathes

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